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Mike and Tina character rig Maya

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Rig gratuito per maya di 2 personaggi completamente personalizzabili e comprensivi di espressioni facciali.
Il tutto creato da Jason Baskin.

Link per scaricare il rig.

Link al videotutorial

Il rig comprende:
- FK/IK back, arms, and legs
- FK/IK matching
- IK space switching options
- Stretchy back, arms, andlegs
- Knee and elbow locking
- Multiple foot pivots with display options
- FK and attribute driven finger controls with display options
- Head squash/stretch
- Torso deform and breath control
- Secondary arm/leg shaper controls
- Full Osipa style face rig with on-face option
- Teeth and tongue controls
- Sticky lip and lip seal options
- UI and direct eye aim option
- Auto lid option
- Secondary on-face controls
- Eye shaper controls
- Iris/Pupil controls
- Scalable rig
- Customizable clothing and skin/eye/hair style and color
- Male/female option
- Fully customizable morph target option